(🤫P) Tyler PSwitch Dow (🤫P)

The theory is: KOO. You've heard it before but not like this. Written, recorded & released during the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic, Tyler puts his spin on the current drill phase taking over NYC. II KOO brings forth a new melodic flow over Tyler's raw, unfiltered rapping. With references to Rick & Morty and Star Wars (two cinematic landmarks that balance extremes), Tyler once again balances the extremes of topics like sex, politics, drugs, and loyalty while remaining playful and quirky. The 4-track EP continues to exemplify the traits of the theory he is also making sure you don’t forget. Not only is it koo this time around, it’s II KOO. A highlight is "SISQO" in which Tyler interpolates the hook of "What These Bitches Want" by DMX featuring the former, breathing a completely different light and meaning to the ‘99 classic. Though, just 4 tracks - Tyler gives us something to hold us over until his next release.